What is Chemistry Escalation And Why Do You Need It?

Chemistry Escalation © is a natural process that 2 human beings go through from the time they met until and after they are in a long term relationship with one another.

In this process are many, many steps that trigger “chemistry” in the other person. Within this natural process are different “structures”, if you will, and the unfamiliarity with some of these structures is what confuses some people and makes us less effective in the Dating Game.

One of these structures is cultural and religious courting rituals. It’s common knowledge that dating rituals in Asia are different than dating rituals in Africa, and both of those are different than dating rituals in western countries like the United States. The greater the difference in gender roles between men and women, the simpler dating rituals are.

This is one of the reasons dating seems to be so complicated in the United States right now. Feminism is pushing women away from being feminine, and more towards being more masculine, which is ultimately driving a wedge between men and women. This is evidenced by women who exhibit masculine traits like being opinionated,  outspoken, independent, and being bossy amongst many other things, tend to drive men away from them rather than their more feminine counter parts who display such traits as being playful, less talkative (no, I don’t mean “quiet”), submissive, soft, and caring.

But even women who exhibit these masculine traits tend to want a masculine man, there are just fewer and fewer of those these days, again due in large part to feminism, which sends messages women to be more masculine, while also sending messages to men to be more feminine, like being less assertive, less aggressive, more emotional, and more sensitive. Not that a man possessing these traits at the right times, in the right places, and to the right degrees is a bad thing, it’s not entirely, but men become so much less attractive to women when they replace their masculine power entirely with these not so masculine qualities. Likewise, women become so much less attractive to men when they exhibit masculine qualities. Simply put, men are not attracted to masculine traits! That should not come as a surprise. Men are attracted to their opposites, to soft, caring, and more submissive women.

Coming back around, Chemistry Escalation is the natural progression of how people go from not knowing each other to being in a relationship together. When a woman has both the knowledge and the skillset, she can use the overall system with volition to automatically attract men. Learning to navigate this natural process takes practice and repetition, trial and error, successes and failures, but it absolutely can be learned.

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