I’m Matt Adams, and I’ve been coaching Chemistry Escalation to men and women for over 12 years. To date I’ve coached thousands of clients into having flirtatious conversations, getting phone number, going on dates, getting boyfriends and girlfriends, getting into relationships, and getting married. My journey began after I had finally had enough of a bad relationship and decided end it. After a recovery period, I tried to start dating again only to realize I had no clue what I was doing.

I started learning as much as I could from ebooks, interviews, courses, and instructional videos. After 9 months of this, I knew a whole lot more but I still couldn’t get a date. I knew if I was ever going to be successful with women I needed to keep trying. Then the chance to work with a mentor came up, so I signed up and was accepted. I was one of 12 mentees in the class. Each week we were given assignments to complete that would help us see improvements with women. The first 8 weeks were hard, the 6th week was the hardest for me, but each week I did the assignments and made improvements.

Then by the 10th week I was going out with 5 new women a week. It was my biggest breakthrough since I had begun my journey, but I couldn’t stop there because I still hadn’t met the woman of my dreams. And also because the the men around me started asking me for help attracting and dating women. So I started helping them. This was an interesting time for me because the dream job I had built over the past 5 years was suddenly gone through no fault of my own, and I was going back to school to pursue something new.

Naturally, conversations arose with women at school about the men I was helping. Word spread fast and soon women were also asking me for help! And just as before, I started helping them too. Now I was hearing dating problems from both sides, and solving problems for both sides! This unique situation lead me to piece things together in a more complete manner. When I was only helping men, it was like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of a brick wall, but without the luxury of having the photo on the cover, but then when started helping women, it was like the picture on the box was slowly and steadily revealed!

Then I graduated school and entered my new field, where conversations about dating continued. Eventually, the people in my new field started telling me I needed to coach full time. After some thinking, I decided to pursue full time. I spent the next 2+ years developing courses for both men and women. To date, I have written over 25 books on essential dating and relationships topics, and so many of my clients have gotten dates, boyfriends, girlfriends, relationships, and many have even gotten married as a result of coaching with me! I continue to coach today, over 12 years later, because absolutely I love helping men (and women) reach their breakthrough points and getting into a relationship with the woman of their dreams!

All my best,