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You're getting your guide, and now it's time to take action to put it into use. Wouldn't it be great to have a relationship ninja to help you all the way to getting married?

My clients agree that the surest, shortest, and fastest route to them getting married was by working with me as their coach. As your coach, I'm the captain while you're learning to run the ship. I have the map, and I'll keep you sailing on the right bearing until you've learned to captain the ship on your own.

Former Client Gets Married!

This former client kept working at it even after we stopped working together, and sent news that she got engaged! She was very active planning her wedding, which went off without a hitch! She’s so happy and excited to finally be married!

Inside Your Attract A Husband Call You Will...

Explore your current Dating Status and what the biggest issues & challenges are that you're facing. In this personal discussion, I'll diagnose where you aren't creating chemistry where you should be, what's preventing you from attracting the man you want, getting him to go out with you, getting him to propose, and ultimately marry you!
Discuss your Goals and Create a Vision for Attracting Your Ideal Man. We’ll use a powerful visualization technique that has you step into the future with your perfect man and lock yourself into that vision!

Discuss Possible Solutions and I'll make a recommendation for the best possible solution for you that will get you to your goal of creating an epic relationship with the man of your dreams! Let’s jumpstart your love life on the call and get you on your way!

Client Results

Client Feedback

I think there’s some magical alchemy to having met with you. The night after we talked, I went to a(n) … event, and was asked out by a 35-year old! I’m 50… and I went out with him on July 4th. He’s a “young” 35 unfortunately, but it was still fun!

I just heard from a SECOND guy I met at the event the day after I met with you. I only talked with him briefly at the event, but he’s interested in getting together. I’m telling you, there’s some magic in meeting with you!

- H. C.

Boston, Massachusetts

Female Business Coach Endorsement


From what I’ve read from you, you’re one of the rare ones out there who get women.

Nicole Gayle

Business Coach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

MatchMaker Endorsement

Matt is “the real deal”, a true expert who oozes authenticity and charm. I recently had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Matt at a conference where he gave an amazing presentation about dating, complete with one of the most comprehensive and valuable handouts I have ever seen. He was funny, likable and knew his stuff inside and out (from all his years of one-on-one coaching and workshops). The moment he took stage the audience liked and trusted him. He is a fantastic speaker and a knowledgeable expert.

Gretchen Shaw

Matchmaker / Cupid's Little Helper
Geneva, Switzerland

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